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Smart Start



Our company's list of successes is long, but in knowing that we are the technology partner of state-of-the-art space programs for Earth observation and space-object detection, and a player in global benchmark projects like the high-speed rail link to Mecca or the Panama Canal expansion project, can help you understand what we're referring to.

Our company, which counts about 40,000 professionals, a local presence in 46 countries and commercial operations in over 140, is currently undergoing expansion, and we want to consolidate our technological leadership by counting with the best and most motivated professionals that are graduating from Spain's universities.

Smart Start

To this end, we have reinforced our commitment to young talent by launching a new Juniors and Interns Program, called Smart Start, for the incorporation in Spain in 2017 of more than 1,500 young students who have completed or are currently pursuing university or master's degrees, especially in scientific or technological areas (IT, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, Business Administration, and who have a good level of English. It wants innovative and proactive people who have a thirst for knowledge to participate in projects that cover a wide range of areas such as functional and technological consultancy, engineering, solution development and software production. For its Software Factories, Indra also seeks recent Vocational Training (FP) graduates, with vocational training degrees in IT and Communications, Electronics and Mechanical Manufacturing

What can you expect if you become one of the Smart Start program participants?

  • You'll have the opportunity to develop an international career with our company, a global consulting and technology leader.
  • You'll be able to contribute to addressing the challenges currently posed by digital transformation.
  • You'll have within reach the chance to participate in national and European R&D&i projects and programs in fields such as drones, transport, smart cities and cloud computing.
  • You'll leave your fingerprint marked on society through your involvement in projects that reach 33 million users across 5,600 health centers, over 3.5 billion voters involved in different electoral processes or 30 million secure identification documents, etc


The Smart Start program is bolstered with a comprehensive training plan at our Corporate University Indra Open University that covers both technical skills and knowledge specific to the new professional's functional area as well as corporate culture and procedures.

You'll have the possibility to assume an active role in our innovative culture and participate with your ideas in the challenges we pose unto our professionals to address the needs of different markets.

We offer, furthermore, a flexible work environment that is committed to equal opportunities and diversity, with programs to foster women's access to executive positions within the company and the integration of the disabled. Indra makes available to our professionals the development of a variety of volunteer actions and have initiatives such as Accessible Technologies to develop innovative solutions and services to favor the social integration of the disabled and their assimilation into working life.

If you're interested in becoming part of Indra and being a protagonist of the technological changes that are transforming the world, present your candidacy.